A Review of the Movie ‘The Young Messiah’…

Here’s a review of the new movie “Young Messiah’, from a Catholic online magazine…
To quote the review:
“The movie fails to grasp the truth about Christ’s knowledge of Himself. It suggests that this confused, questioning prodigy had to be taught that He is God. But were that the case, as it clearly is in the film, the boy would not be God.”
The movie is based on a novel by Ann Rice, who is not a believer, and who is noted for writing erotica and gothic novels.  She based her book on extra biblical tales such as the “Gospel of Thomas”, and other aprocrphal writings that emerged in the 2nd century – about what the life of the young Jesus might have been like.
To me, it sounds like its adding a lot of fanciful stuff to the story of the life of Jesus, which is not documented at all in the Bible.  Apparently the movie has Jesus turning clay pigeons to life (magic). Jesus performed miracles, but they were always for a clear purpose.  And although some of these things in the movie could have happened, the idea that Jesus had to be taught by His parent who He was is not in line with scripture. According to the Bible, He had to inform them that “He needed to be about His Father’s business.”
I did see Risen, because it was not only based on a good script, but it was in line with scripture. I think I will wait on seeing this movie.  It sounds like its departing from what I know of Jesus in scripture.  This is what the enemy did in the 1st and 2nd centuries – create other so-called “gospels” such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Judas, etc., to try to “add to” and confuse the clear message of scripture.
It says in both the Old and New Testaments to be “careful not to add anything, or take anything away” from scripture.
It seems to me this is just an updated strategy by the enemy – to now leverage movies, to try to add to scripture and sow disinformation – to get people to think Jesus was some sort of prodigy with magical powers, who had to be taught what His destiny should be.
Beware my friends.
God bless
Paul M. Dooley

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