When considering the amazing beauty of nature, our own being, and the things around us, there are not many options to choose from. Either all of this is the product of intentional intelligent design, or it is not.  

Evidence of Intelligent DesignScience and the Bible


Considering the astounding scientific discoveries of the past 100 years, what makes more sense?  Amazing discoveries of Archaeology which support the Bible include:

The Shroud of Turin - which may be the burial cloth of Jesus
Failed Attempt to Reproduce the Shroud – Again another failure
Earliest Images of the Apostles - on a cave in Rome
The James Ossuary  - a box which may have contained the bones of the bother of Jesus!
The ‘Lost Tomb’ of Jesus – but is it, really?
A ‘Gospel of Judas’ - ancient yes, but an imposter

You be the judge.  The Creator has not left us without plenty of scientific evidence.  Evidence in archaeology, physics, cosmology, geology, astronomy, biology, microbiology and so many more branches of science. If we can reasonably conclude, considering all the evidence, that there is significant evidence for intelligent design throughout the universe, then we must consider the possibility that an all-knowing, all powerful, personal Designer is behind it all. 

And you must come to grips with the implications of that.  

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